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Version: 1.0.25

Date: 09 March 2024

• Added: New option to disable FO from tuning com radios.
• Fixed: FS2Crew changes window size from full screen to window mode when focusing on the MSFS window.
• Fixed: Unable to close FS2Crew “Settings” (config) panel due to an error related to direct input.
• Fixed: Air start command swapped with GPU voice command.
• Fixed: A male voice repeats the runway number after calling “Runway xx verified” under voice control.
• Fixed: Wing lights should be turned on during descent through FL180.
• Fixed: #1 fwd fuel pump should still be turned on during the preflight events (regardless of going to use APU or GPU during preflight events).
• Fixed: GPWS test.
• Fixed: Wheel well light should be turned on just prior to FO going out for the walk around.
• Fixed: Recall checks should occur just as the FO reads “Recall” on any of the checklists.
• Fixed: On approach, the “1000 ft” callout is not AGL, but AFE (above airport elevation).
• Improved: COM frequency must be a valid aviation COM frequency before comm frequency change command accepted in voice control.


Version: 1.0.16
Date: 21 February 2024

• Added: New “Ctrl GSX with keys” option to allow controlling GSX menu using keystrokes or Lvars.
• Fixed: GSX menu not closing after option selection.
• Fixed: During preflight, after GSX boarding completes, the timer jumps to when the FA asks to close doors.
• Fixed: FO not turning on “GPU” when available during preflight.
• Fixed: Item skipped during the “Before start originating checklist,” when using the “Fabio FO” sound sets.
• Added: “Flight level 180 approach checklist” voice command.
• Fixed: FO now sets the flaps as per each “Set speed, flaps x, climb thrust” call.
• Fixed: FO not turning on “Wing lights” when entering the runway prior to takeoff.
• Fixed: FO turning on “Logo lights” during daylight on preflight phase.
• Fixed: FO not turning APU on the after landing procedure.
• Fixed: COM exception/crash when running a flow on PMDG series products.
• Improved: “Rollback” call timing to 35 seconds during engine startup.
• Improved: Briefing panel “Not responding” due to internal logic.
• Improved: Start timer during engine startup sequence.
• Improved: FA service attend button logic (call button now only operational now above 25,000 to prevent conflict with the pilot flying’s flow that requires pilot flying to press the call button)
• Updated: GSX integration voice commands updates:

“Request GSX pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, we are ready for pushback”

“Confirm we have a good engine start” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, good start confirmed, please disconnect”

“Stop here and complete the pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, stop here, please disconnect”


Version: 1.0.8
Date: 09 February 2024

• Improved (hotfix): Engine startup sequence.
Updated (hotfix): Manual with details about updated engine startup sequence which now uses raw timing to trigger certain actions as certain engine variables cannot be read directly due to technical limits.


Version: 1.0.0
Date: 2 February 2023

• Public release.