FS2Crew was established by an international team of software engineers, graphic artists, and airline professionals who came together to channel their knowledge and passion for aviation to develop innovative, groundbreaking addons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar 3D, and FSX.

Our original goal was simple: To make your simulated flights more realistic and immersive.

To that end, we pioneered advanced airline crew simulations that enabled users to simulate multi-crew flying in SOP driven airline style environments with the most popular FS aircraft, such as the PMDG 737, Majestic Dash 8, and FS Labs Airbus, among many other notables.

In short, we enabled users to go from flying airliners single pilot style (not realistic) to the way they’re flown in the real world: Two crew style, complete with the same flows, checklists, and procedures used by the Pros.

While developing multi-crew simulations remains FS2Crew’s primary focus, FS2Crew has, however, built upon its success and popularity to expand its reach into other specialized areas of flight simulation, of which our critically acclaimed ground services programs and RAAS are the most prominent.


Designed for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)