FS2Crew MSFS products can now be controlled via Mobile Devices (such as your iPad or phone) using our new networking capability.

This is particularly of benefit for:

  • Home cockpit users.
  • Users who simply want to keep their main MSFS screen free of any extra 3rd party panels to achieve an uncluttered view.
  • Users who prefer to control FS2Crew via touch.


Setting things up is easy!


Press the FS2Crew Networking Icon on the Main Panel as shown below: 

If the networking icon is not visible, it means that “ENABLE HTTP SERVER” is not checked on the Settings Panel.

Please ensure ENABLE HTTP SERVER is checked as shown below:


When you select ENABLE HTTP SERVER, you will be prompted to give FS2Crew access rights.

Ensure that you give FS2Crew “PRIVATE NETWORK” rights since FS2Crew will connect to your mobile device via your home network.




Ensure your mobile device and computer are on the same network.

Then scan the QR code with your mobile device’s camera.

Note: If you cannot scan the QR code, you can manually use the APP URL listed in your web browser.

The APP URL is shown in the grey line of text.  It starts with http.



The FS2Crew Main Panel should now appear in your web browser window.  You can bookmark this page if desired in your browser.

Note: Each FS2Crew product uses its own unique ID, so can bookmark different pages for each FS2Crew product without running into conflicts.