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MSFS Crashes on Startup
*** UPDATE: 30 APRIL 2022:  A new option has been added to the SETTINGS panel in each MSFS FS2Crew that allows the COMMAND CENTER to AUTO LAUNCH when Windows loads, thus bypassing the need for the EXE.xml***
If the crash happens when MSFS starts loading, it’s likely you have corruption on your EXE.xml file.
The EXE.xml file controls which programs autostart when MSFS loads.

Many other 3rd party developers write to the EXE.xml, which makes it easy for the EXE.xml to become corrupt.

Should there be an invalid character on your EXE.xml file, things will not load properly and you may experience a fatal error.
Please do this:
1. Make a backup copy of your EXE.xml
2. Delete your EXE.xml file.
3. Re-install FS2Crew.
FS2Crew will create a fresh, new EXE.xml file that we know is perfect.
Your EXE.xml file is located here:
MS Store Version:
YOUR USER NAME -> AppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbweLocalCacheexe.xml
Steam Version
YOUR USER NAME ->AppData/Roaming/Microsoft Flight Simulator
Where is my Download Link / Serial Code?


AUG 30TH 2021:  If you are trying to upgrade to Version 2.2 of PUSHBACK EXPRESS through a previous SIMMARKET order, please read the “UPDATE OFFER” area in grey here for instructions.  LINK:



If your payment went though but you are not able to access your download, please send us a friendly note and we’ll manually update your order status.  Your order status should be updated automatically at the end of the order process, but sometimes if there’s an internet issue, we have to update it manually on our side.

Your unique ‘Serial Key’, which you need to activate your FS2Crew product, is available by logging into your FS2Crew account and viewing your Order Details.  If the system did not automatically send you a Serial Key code check your spam folder.  If nothing is in your spam folder, send us a friendly support ticket in case our Licensing server glitched and decided to go on strike.  We can create and send you a new key manually.

Your Serial Key is machine bound to your hardware.

Your license is valid for one device.


Why is the FS2Crew website always rejecting my password when I try to login?

The problem is you are trying to use your user information (password, email address, etc.) from the legacy FS2Crew website on the current FS2Crew website.

You cannot do that.

Your account information on the legacy FS2Crew website was not migrated to the current FS2Crew website.

Accordingly, you must create a new account on the current FS2Crew website.

If you do not automatically receive an email when you create an account, check your spam folder.

If you want to access your old orders on the legacy FS2Crew website, please visit:

Your legacy email address and password is still active on the legacy website.


Where is the Support Forum?

The FS2Crew Support Forum is at

LINK: FS2Crew Support Forum

The Support Forum is our primary means of providing support.

Please use the search function in the forum for your issue prior to sending us a support request.

Your question has probably already been asked and answered.

You may also ask questions on our Discord Channel.

How do I download my previous purchases from the old FS2Crew website?

To download your purchases made on the previous FS2Crew website (now referred to as the “Legacy” website), click here:

LINK: FS2Crew Legacy Website

Note that new purchases cannot be made on the Legacy Website.

The Legacy Website is for downloading previous orders purchased via the Legacy Website only.

Can I use my FS2Crew account login information from the Legacy FS2Crew website on this FS2Crew website?

No, the new FS2Crew site (the one you’re looking at now) requires all users to create new accounts.

Due to technical issues, it was not possible to merge the old database into our new system.

The FS2Crew registration page hangs. Why?

When entering your name on the Registration screen, do not use any special characters / accent marks in any of the letters in your name.

FS2Crew keeps asking me to re-enter my Serial Code. Why?

If, after you registered, you are prompted to re-enter your serial code each time you run FS2Crew, please:

1. Ensure your firewall is not blocking the FS2Crew EXE file(s) located in your Program Files X86 folder.  The test is to try again with your Firewall off.  

2. If you registered your product while the FS2Crew EXE did not have Admin rights, remove the admin rights from the FS2Crew EXE.

If you registered FS2Crew while the FS2Crew EXE had Admin rights, then you removed those admin rights at a later time, re-add the Admin rights to the FS2Crew EXE.

The FS2Crew EXEs are located in:

C:Program Files (x86) [FS2Crew product name]

By right clicking on the EXE, you can select the Admin level for the EXE.


Where are the Change Logs?

FS2Crew MSFS product Change Logs are available via this link.


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