conditions of use

UPDATED: 25 April 2024

By using the FS2Crew website and E-Commerce store, you agree with the following terms and conditions:



  • The information provided to FS2Crew is truthful and accurate.
  • You will not pirate, reverse engineer, or illegally distribute FS2Crew products or serials or share your account and login information with third parties. All IPs and account activity are logged to combat abuse.
  • If you experience technical difficulties with this site or any FS2Crew software, you will promptly inform the FS2Crew Support Team on our Discord Channel.
  • FS2Crew software is for entertainment and flight simulation purposes only. While FS2Crew strives for realism, FS2Crew software is not for real-world flight training or real-world applications.
  • Before purchasing an FS2Crew product, you must verify on the associated product page that you meet the system and software requirements.



  • No refunds will be issued on FS2Crew digital downloads after activating your serial. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the software, please contact FS2Crew Support immediately via our Discord Channel so we can help you resolve your issue.  


You may create an account and make a purchase if you agree to these terms.