conditions of use

UPDATED: 7 14 2021

By using the FS2Crew website and E-Commerce store, you agree with the following terms and conditions:


  • The information provided to FS2Crew is truthful and accurate.

  • You will not pirate or illegally distribute FS2Crew products, serials, or share your account and login information with third parties. All IPs and account activity are logged to combat abuse.

  • If you experience technical difficulties with this site or any FS2Crew software you will promptly inform FS2Crew via email or via the FS2Crew Support Forum.

  • FS2Crew software is meant for entertainment and flight simulation purposes only.  While FS2Crew strives for realism, FS2Crew software is not designed for real-world flight training.



  • FS2Crew often makes extensive use of coupon codes to offer discounts for our products.

  • Please note that due to the limitations of our e-commerce software, coupon codes CANNOT be combined.

  • You can only use 1 coupon code per basket.

  • That being the case, if more than 1 coupon code is available, you need to decide which coupon code gives you the best deal.



  • No refunds will be given on FS2Crew digital downloads.  All sales are final. If you are experiencing a technical difficulty with the software, please contact FS2Crew Support immediately so we can help you resolve your issue.

  • If you agree to these terms you may create an account and purchase.