Welcome to the all new FS2Crew website!

The FS2Crew Team is proud to announce that our brand new, totally redesigned website is now online!

This new website officially marks the beginning of the new MSFS Chapter in FS2Crew’s history!


  1. If you need access to any of your old FS2Crew orders, please click the LEGACY FS2CREW WEBSITE link in the top menu bar.  

  2. To purchase new FS2Crew products, you will need to register / create a new account on the new FS2Crew website. 

    Your account information from the legacy site will not be migrated to this (the new) site.

    When you create a new account, an email will be sent to you with your temporary password.  If the email does not arrive immediately, please wait a bit.  Sometimes it can take time for the email to arrive.

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