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Version: 1.3.81
Date: 09 March 2024

• Added: New option to disable FO from tuning COM radio.
• Fixed: FS2Crew changes window size from full screen to window mode when focusing on the MSFS window.
• Fixed: Unable to close FS2Crew “Settings” (config) panel due to an error related to DirectInput.
• Fixed: Air start command swapped with GPU voice command.
• Improved: COM frequency must be a valid aviation COM frequency before comm frequency change command is accepted in voice control.


Version: 1.3.73
Date: 21 February 2024

• Added: New “Ctrl GSX with keys” option to allow controlling GSX menu using keystrokes or LVars.
• Fixed: GSX menu not closing after option selection.
• Fixed: During preflight, after GSX boarding completes, the timer jumps to when the FA asks to close doors.
• Fixed: COM exception/crash when running a flow on PMDG series products.
• Improved: Briefing panel “Not responding” due to internal logic.
• Updated: GSX integration voice commands updates:

“Request GSX pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, we are ready for pushback”

“Confirm we have a good engine start” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, good start confirmed, please disconnect”

“Stop here and complete the pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, stop here, please disconnect”

Version: 1.3.65
Date: 07 February 2024

• Added: GSX integration for all ground services during preflight and more. Please read the updated manual for more information.
• Added: New voice commands for pause/resume the pre-flight timer phase. Please read the updated manual for more information.
• Added: New hotkey on MSFS focus option in settings to recognize your keyboard assignments when MSFS is in focus.
• Added: New key assignments to “Restart speech recognition” and “Stop all operations”.
• Fixed: Custom speech training tool error.
• Fixed: IVAO transponder logic.
• Improved: Key binding assignment system in settings panel.

Version: 1.3.45
Date: 02 December 2023

• Added: Display time units to both flow/FMS navigation speed sliders in settings panel.
• Added: New “Send RAAS data” option to transmit the current transition altitude/level and flap data directly to FS2Crew RAAS Pro. This saves users the hassle of manually entering TA/TL data into RAAS.
• Added: New “Detect parking pos.” option to allow the captain/PF (user) to use the parking brakes while taxiing to the gate (after landing) without triggering the pre-shutdown FO flow.
• Fixed: COM frequencies issue related to the third digit after decimal point “0.005”.


Version: 1.3.23
Date: 11 November 2023

• Added: A button on the settings panel to open the log files location in Windows Explorer.
• Fixed: Training tool error message during last training session.
• Added: Voice control users can now tune COM frequencies to a 3rd digit.
• Fixed: “Kill all” button confirmation message.
• Removed: Old “Speech training” button from settings.


Version: 1.2.98
Date: 28 October 2023

• Updated: FS2Crew Command Center.
• Fixed: FO turns off ARPT, DATA and TFC on EFIS when asking for before takeoff checklist.
• Fixed: Overlapping text due to Windows scaling on high-resolution screens.


Version: 1.2.80
Date: 08 September 2023

• Added: a new tab named “Flows” in the settings panel which contains two sliders: “Fo flow execution speed” and “Fo fms navigation speed”. These control how fast the FO executes the flows and how fast the FO navigates between the pages on the FMS.
• Added: new “Always on top (6Hz)” option on the settings panel. It allows you to switch between the previous and new “Always on top” functionality should you experience flickering. Notice: check the new checkbox tooltip for more information.
• Fixed: “Pin” icon for “On top” functionality not working properly.
• Fixed: the voice volume of the American English “Fuel slip” agent.
• Fixed: when using the “Uk mark” FO soundset, FO responds “Before start checklist below the line” and it should be “Before takeoff checklist below the line”.


Version: 1.1.58
Date: 26 August 2023

• Added: a new tool to reset “User.Config” files across all FS2Crew products should a “Configuration system failed to initialize” error appear.
• Added: “Four/six pumps on” call out during the ten checks (climb/descent) flows.
• Improvement: “PFE2x” (preflight 2x) option is now off by default.
• Improvement: increased PM/FO flows execution speed.
• Improvement: changes to the logging system to preserve previous errors/exceptions reports.
• Improvement: changes to the “Pin” icon (always on top) to avoid potential flickering issue.
• Improvement: increased the preflight timer to 30 minutes to allow the user (PF) to complete the “Preliminary flight deck procedure”. (User request)
• Fixed: PM/FO should say “Cabin crew seats for departure” right after the PF requests the “Before takeoff checklist below the line”.
• Fixed: when passing FL100 on descent, the PA of the PM “Cabin crew 10 minutes to landing” should be given right after the PF says “Ten checks”.
• Fixed: when releasing the cabin crew, the PM should switch the “No smoking” sign to off.
• Fixed: ND display. On the ground/in the air, it should be in TFC, airport, and terrain mode.
• Fixed: “Set standard” and “Set QNH XXXX” call outs. Notice: the “TA / TL alt. Cross check” option needs to be checked in settings.
• Fixed: PM/FO not reminding PF about “Fast seatbelts” sign below 15,000 feet during descent.
• Fixed: runway turn off should be kept on for the “Flaps no lights” flow.
• Fixed: not hearing the PM call “Stabilized” at 40% runup on takeoff.
• Fixed: custom speech training text file typo reported by a user on the “Free and zer” phrase.
• Fixed: when selecting “Auto respond” and it auto-reverts back to “Button control” mode.
• Fixed: looping background boarding music.
• Fixed: main/settings windows remain hidden when a screen is disconnected/offline.
• Fixed: custom speech training tool can’t resume training.
• Fixed: “Configuration system failed to initialize” error appears, and the program never starts.

Version: 1.0.48
Date: 28 July 2023

• Fixed: checklist items read while a flow is running (auto respond mode)
• Updated: FS2Crew Command Center due to new product release (FBW animated copilot)

Version: 1.0.25
Date: 3 July 2023

• Fixed: “bug up” command showing low speeds (below 200 kts) after takeoff.
• Added: new custom speech training tool.
• Adjusted: TCAS is now set to “alt off” before pushback and after landing.
• Adjusted: “Cabin crew 10 mins for departure” PA is now triggered right after calling “Before takeoff checklist below the line”.
• Adjusted: “Cabin crew 10 mins for landing” PA is now triggered right after calling “Ten checks” (during descent).
• Fixed: PM turns VSD on during the flight. Now it turns it just after calling “Approach checklist”.
• Updated: SimConnect library files.

Version: 1.0.0
Date: 24 June 2023

• Initial release.