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The Product Manager will indicate if an update is available for your product and allow you to download and install the update directly.


Version: 1.2.234
Date: 24 March 2024

• Added: Extract flex temp variable from CDU through FenixQuartz.
• Added: New “FO Sets Trim Wheel” option. Use if you want to position the trim wheel manually during the after-start flow.
• Fixed: Departure brief fields once any FenixQuartz related variable has been updated via LVars.
• Fixed: FCU altitude, heading issue not setting the correct value after transitioning from managed to unmanaged mode.
• Fixed: Spoilers and reversers call playing too late during landing roll.
• Fixed: “Emergency Exit Sign” issue on the parking checklist not being recognized.


Version: 1.2.213
Date: 09 March 2024

Important: You must have the Fenix “Block 2” update or later installed!

• Added: new option to disable FO from tuning com radios.
• Added: FCU voice commands to control speed, altitude, and heading. New voice commands:

Set heading xxx
Set altitude xxxxx
Set speed xxx
Set flight level xxx
Altitude xxxxx pull
Flight level xxx pull
Altitude xxxxx manage
Flight level xxx manage
Pull speed xxx knots
Pull heading xxx

• Fixed: FS2Crew changes window size from full screen to window mode when focusing on the MSFS window.
• Fixed: unable to close FS2Crew “Settings” (config) panel due to an error related to DirectInput.
• Fixed: packs off takeoff. Delay of 10 seconds before restoring Pack 2 after takeoff during the thrust reduction altitude flow.
• Fixed: FO unable to recognize “emergency exit lights” state.
• Improved: com frequency must be a valid aviation com frequency before comm frequency change command accepted in voice control.
• Improved: update “stop” voice command to help avoid false detection. The command is now “stop-stop” to reject the takeoff.
• Improved: compatible with FenixQuartz to read MCDU takeoff Vspeeds directly. Users must have FenixQuartz installed. For more information, please see our Discord channel.


Version: 1.2.205
Date: February 21, 2024

• Added: New “Ctrl GSX with Keys” option to allow controlling GSX menu using keystrokes or lvars.
• Fixed: GSX menu not closing after option selection.
• Fixed: During preflight, after GSX boarding completes, the timer jumps to when the FA asks to close doors.
• Fixed: I am not able to request “Clear Rad Nav” in button control mode.
• Updated: GSX integration voice commands updates:

 “Request GSX Pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, we are ready for pushback”

  “Confirm we have a good engine start” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, good start confirmed, please disconnect”

  “Stop here and complete the pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, stop here, please disconnect”


Version: 1.2.193
Date: 07 February 2024

• Added: GSX integration for all ground services during preflight and more. Please read the updated manual for more information.
• Added: New disable FA option to allow cargo flights without flight attendants.
• Added: New voice commands for pause/resume the pre-flight timer phase. Please read the updated manual for more information.
• Added: New “hot key on MSFS focus” option in settings to recognize your keyboard assignments when MSFS is in focus.
• Added: New key assignments to restart speech recognition and stop all operations.
• Fixed: Custom speech training tool error.
• Fixed: VATSIM/IVAO transponder logic.
• Improved: Key binding assignment system in settings panel.


Version: 1.2.180
Date: 02 December 2023

• Added: Three new female voice sets.
• Added: New “send RAAS data” option to transmit the current transition altitude/level directly to FS2Crew RAAS Pro. This saves users the hassle of manually entering TA/TL data into RAAS.
• Added: New “detect parking pos.” option to allow the captain/PF (user) to use the parking brakes while taxiing to the gate (after landing) without triggering the pre-shutdown FO flow.
• Added: New flow/CDU navigation speed sliders in the settings panel.
• Added: New “adjust capt ND range” option to stop FO from touching the captain side ND range.
• Added: New “< where is it” button in settings panel to open SimBrief account settings panel automatically to help users locate the “pilot ID” field.
• Fixed: FO usage of captain MCDU (i.e., clearing radnav).
• Fixed: After “cleared for departure” the FO does not move the landing lights switches from retract to off.
• Fixed: FO should press his CDU “FPLN” after “clear rad nav”, and during preflight.
• Fixed: “Manage speed” command not working on “regular flights” only works on “circuits”.
• Fixed: COM frequencies issue related to the third digit after decimal point “0.005”.
• Fixed: FO sets captain side LS on descent, even if the LS required field is set to no in approach brief panel.


Version: 1.2.170
Date: 11 November 2023

• Added: A button on the settings panel to open the log files location in Windows Explorer.
• Fixed: Training tool error message during the last training session.
• Added: Voice control users can now tune comm frequencies to a 3rd digit.
• Fixed: “Kill all” button confirmation message.
• Removed: Old “Speech training” button from settings.
• Added: New “Luca” (human German female) sounds set.
• Added: New “Taxi lts on aft brake chk” option to turn on taxi lights after brake check command.
• Added: New option “Ldg lights off flaps up (clb)” in settings panel.
• Modified: “LS required” option moved from settings panel to the “approach briefing” panel.
• Fixed: FO not pressing “reset” button to resetting rudder trim.
• Fixed: “Activate approach phase” command not available to be called on “regular” flights.
• Fixed: FO not setting up transponder to #1 (capt) during the “before start” flow.
• Fixed: Minimums “xxx feet set” recognition, by adding more digits to be recognized not only “3” for voice control mode.
• Removed: Unused “armed” audio file from all sound sets.


Version: 1.2.165
Date: 01 November 2023

• Added: New option to allow users to call “QNH” before passing transition level altitude.
• Fixed: “Gear up” command skipped after takeoff/lift-off.
• Fixed: Lights logic fixed to follow the tooltip on “FO CTRL lights” option checkbox.


Version: 1.2.155
Date: 28 October 2023

• Updated: FS2Crew command center.
• Fixed: Overlapping text due to Windows scaling on high-resolution screens.


Version: 1.2.116
Date: 08 September 2023

• Added: New “Always on top (6Hz)” option on the settings panel. It allows you to switch between the previous and new “always on top” functionality should you experience flickering. Notice: check the new checkbox tooltip for more information.

• Fixed: “Pin” icon for “on top” functionality not working correctly.

• Fixed: The UK female “taxi” cabin pa sound file.


Version: 1.2.104
Date: 26 August 2023

• Added: New tool to reset “user.Config” files across all FS2Crew products should a “configuration system failed to initialize” error appear.
• Improvement: Changes to the logging system to preserve previous errors/exceptions reports.
• Improvement: Changes to the “pin” icon (always on top) to avoid potential flickering issues.
• Fixed: When selecting “auto respond” and it auto reverts back to “button control” mode.
• Fixed: Looping background boarding music.
• Fixed: Main/settings windows remain hidden when a screen is disconnected/offline.
• Fixed: Custom speech training tool can’t resume training.
• Fixed: “Configuration system failed to initialize” error appears, and the program never starts.
• Fixed: Flex temp read in before start checklist even if toga selected.
• Fixed: Taxi cabin pa issue.


Version: 1.2.90
Date: 29 July 2023

• Added: New sound set for the Netherlands – Lars.
• Fixed: Preliminary cockpit prep flow for turn-around flights.


Version: 1.2.80
Date: 28 July 2023

• Added: “First flight of the day” option in settings and “final sector” field in approach brief for turn-around flights.
• Fixed: Checklist items read while a flow is running (auto-respond mode).
• Updated: FS2Crew command center due to new product release (FBW animated copilot).


Version: 1.2.55
Date: 3 July 2023

• Added: New custom speech training tool.
• Added: “Taxi PA aft…bef…taxi CKL” option in settings to control when to trigger the “taxi” cabin PA.
• Updated: Simconnect library files.


Version: 1.2.34
Date: 24 June 2023

• Fixes: Improvements to help prevent crashing/lagging under some conditions.
• Updated: Improvements to Simconnect data transmission.


Version: 1.1.25
Date: 14 April 2023

• Fixed: Several improvements to stop lagging and freezing of the application.
• Updated: Dependencies and Simconnect libraries for SU12.


Version: 1.1.95
Date: 11 March 2023

• Fixed: Approach/departure briefing not playing.


Version: 1.1.19
Date: 10 March 2023

• Hotfix: ‘Let’s start setting up’ voice command for triggering pre-flight events.


Version: 1.1.186
Date: 09 March 2023

• Fixed: GPWS flap 3 logic.
• Fixed: Push-to-talk (PTT) icon would appear button control mode.
• Fixed: Mobile app connection drop.
• Updated: Flashing green dot icon when hard/soft mute are active.
• Added: RAAS Pro icon to main panel.
• Option to “not” play the beep sound when hard mute is toggled.
• Added: Resume/pause preflight timer/clock by “right-clicking” the preflight “clock” icon in the main panel.
• Updated: FS2Crew command center product order in the in-game panel dropdown list.


Version: 1.1.175
Date: 14 February 2023

• Fixed: FO response for pitch trim challenge.
• Fixed: Pin icon issue with panel not staying on top when MSFS is full screen.
• Moved: The cabin PA from engine start to the end of the taxi checklist.
• Fixed: FO will no longer set the seatbelts during the climb.
• Added: FO starts the elapsed clock on the taxi flow.
• Fixed: If you select radar not required in the departure brief, terrain radar is still switched on before takeoff.
• Added: Deboarding sound after parking checklist.
• Added: “Wing lights” option.
• Fixed: If you manually turn on the autopilot, the secondary button with the label “AP-ON” would not self-extinguish.
• Fixed: FO setting the “door” ECAM page.
• Added: Departure and approach briefings are now saved on settings.
• Updated: FS2Crew wasm module.


Version: 1.1.160
Date: 31 January 2023

• Fixed: Audio volume saving.
• Fixed: 2x preflight option.
• Added: Option to disable warning if command center not running.


Version: 1.1.158
Date: 29 January 2023

• Fixed: UI layout – blank space removed.
• Fixed: Minimize button is back when pin is not active and MSFS is full screen.
• Fixed: Hidden Nahimic message box issue on splash screen.
• Added: “Show main panel” event has been converted into a toggle event.
• Added: More detailed log events.• Added: Alt + tab message to minimize button
tool tip.
• Added: Headset/speaker switching for button and voice control.

New voice commands:

Going on speakers
Going on headset

• Added: Warning message when FS2Crew command center is not running.
• ATC drop list empty slow if you do not want to use an ATC callsign from the list.
• Fixed: The “green dot” in the left-hand corner.


Version: 1.1.148
Date: 16 January 2023

• Hotfix for some issues discovered in the previous version.


Version: 1.1.141
Date: 15 January 2023

• New: Five new human voice sets:

Matthias – Germany
Freddy – Norway
Rahal – Sri Lanka
Nick – UK
Dan – USA

• New: Custom speech training for FS2Crew voice commands/phrases. The new speech training button is located on the settings panel. You will need to run the speech training multiple times to train for every possible FS2Crew phrase. Due to Windows limit, you cannot train a large number of words/phrases in a single go. Windows makes us break up the list of words to be trained.

• Fixed: Taskbar in full screen, repaint, and layout issues.
• Fixed: Web and in-game panel issues.


Version: 1.1.138
Date: 28 December 2022

• Updated: Command center updated.
• Fixed: New version warning message box.


Version: 1.1.131
Date: 25 December 2022

• Updated: Command center to match changes made for PMDG 737 version.
• Fixed: Minor info center text.


Version: 1.1.93
Date: 22 October 2022

• Fixed: Error message after changing any field in departure/approach briefing.
• Fixed: Boarding music option (you can use your own boarding sound files. See Discord channel for details).
• Fixed: “Run brief” option in button control mode now displays properly.
• Fixed: FO will now press the “to config” test button on a 2nd leg.
• Added: FO now sets display brightness knobs after setting the IRS to NAV during the preliminary cockpit flow.


Version: 1.1.92
Date: 17 October 2022

• Fixed: Error message after changing V1 speed in departure brief.


Version: 1.1.91
Date: 16 October 2022

• Improved: SimConnect connection performance.
• Improved: Gear up/down FO response time reduced to 1.5 seconds.
• Fixed: In button control mode, the action will no longer jump to “takeoff” roll if the user selects a drop-down list action then hits the main action hotkey.


Version: 1.1.90
Date: 8 October 2022

• Added: Missing ‘circuit mode’ sound files associated with Blackbox’s human sound set.
• Removed: ECAM door page displayed during the preliminary cockpit flow.
• Changed: V speed brief numbers increment step values of +/- 1.
• Changed: Transition altitude/level increment step values to +/- 1000.
• Added: Flap 1 option during circuit mode.
• Fixed: FO no longer sets captain’s EFIS range selector back to 10 at lineup flow although the ‘EFIS on both sides’ option de-selected.
• Fixed: FO now turns on batteries/external power in the correct order.
• Fixed: Saved settings options no longer reset to default after running FS2Crew when MSFS is not running.
• Fixed: Hotkey detection when MSFS/FS2Crew in focus.
• Fixed: During bounced landings, FS2Crew will no longer trigger takeoff or rejected takeoff calls like ‘stop’ or ‘thrust set’.


Version: 1.1.85
Date: 27 September 2022

• Added: New human German captain voice set. Author: “Hades”.
• Fixed: FO now turns on taxi light after the “clear left side” call should the FO controls lights option be enabled.
• Fixed: FS2Crew will now only accept keyboard hotkey inputs when MSFS is in focus.
• Fixed: Disable/hide the “set downwind track” and “set runway track” action from the actions list FS2Crew cannot currently set the heading in the Fenix FCU.
• Fixed: PWS not being set for taxi in/out.
• Fixed: Circuits mode.
• Fixed: Support for GPWS flap 3 landing.
• Added: Time-out option for delaying QNH readback during descent.


Version: 1.1.75
Date: 20 September 2022

• Fixed: Blackbox captain sound set not reading back numbers.
• Fixed: FO chrono not being set during takeoff. Now it’s being set after the “takeoff” call made by the captain prior to takeoff.
• Fixed: Simbrief reflection error.


Version: 1.1.65
Date: 17 September 2022

• Added: Included departure/approach briefings and cabin PAs into the MSFS toolbar panel.
• Added: First human captain/FO sound set created by Blackbox.
• Added: Human flight attendant (FA) sound sets.
• Added: “Voice recorder test” option to allow testing new sound sets recorded with the voice recording tool.
• Added: Flight controls check prior to taxi option.
• Added: Option to enable/disable short final (radar altimeters alive, 1000, 100, minimums) callouts.
• Added: Extra checks/verification for checklist items.
• Added: Increased time interval between “chimes” in the “double chime”.
• Fixed: “Packs on” call after a go-around.
• Fixed: Simbrief implementation errors.
• Fixed: FO not starting their chrono during takeoff.
• Fixed: Duplicated “continue” calls.
• Fixed: Door stuck in a loop.


Version: 1.1.51
Date: 30 August 2022

• Fixed: Windows/GUI repaint issue.
• Fixed: Wasm module error message.
• Fixed: Neutral call during flight controls check.
• Fixed: Wing lights sound.
• Fixed: APU on voice command.
• Fixed: Flaps 0 call after takeoff.
• Fixed: Flows trigger on 2nd leg.
• Fixed: TCAS to below in cruise.
• Fixed: Packs off option not saved.
• Fixed: Packs off takeoffs.
• Fixed: Button control takeoff FMA callout.
• Fixed: Double chime option.
• Fixed: FO seatbelts on at TOD.
• Fixed: Flaps 1 shown in button control after gear up if flaps 1 takeoff.
• Fixed: Approach checklist “no DH” set audio.
• Updated: Transponder option for IVAO compatibility.
• New: “Check the box” voice command.
• Added: Option for FO not to control gear/flaps now includes spoilers as well.
• Added: FO sets terrain radar during taxi and off after landing.
• Added: FO turns off CSTR after landing.


Version: 1.1.40
Date: 19 August 2022

• Fixed: After takeoff “gear up” command.
• Fixed: Double-ding chime issue.
• Fixed: Line-up flow was taking too long.
• Added: Option to disable cabin PA’s.
• Fixed: Takeoff flaps in taxi checklist.


Version 1.1.35
Release Date: 18 August 2022

• New: New female captain and FO voice options for the United States, UK, and Germany.
• New: Option for door control during preflight (ideal for GSX users to prevent door conflicts).
• New: Over 120 new ATC callsigns.
• New: Option to connect the jetway/stairs when parked (after landing – gate arrival phase).
• New: Flap speed check in descent/approach phases.
• New: “None” option for threats in dep/arr briefs.
• Fixed: “Clear left side”, “brake check”, “taxi checklist” order updated in button control.
• Fixed: “Flaps x” call comes slow/late after flaps commands.
• Fixed: After “positive climb” call, “flaps” actions order fixed.
• Fixed: Fuel quantity readback during the “cockpit preparation” checklist.
• Fixed: Key not found exception when running under SU10.
• Fixed: Minimum values for MDA (minimum descent altitude) and arrival airport altitude have been set to 100 feet and 0 feet.
• Fixed: Double-ding when chime option has been enabled.
• Fixed: Pitch trim value set 0.8, when reopening the departure briefing, shows 8.0.
• Fixed: Approach, minimums callouts.
• Fixed: Takeoff FMA callouts.
• Fixed: Simbrief implementation.
• Fixed: Replaced “flaps up” with “flaps zero” sounds.
• Fixed: “LS required on approach” option issue.
• Fixed: “No reverse” during landing, having thrust in “idle-reverse”.
• Fixed: “70 knot” call during rollout.


Version 1.1.28
Release Date: 17 August 2022

• Fixed: Jump issue between engine start after starting in button control.
• Added time intervals between light switching.
• Added a time interval of 1 min after external power is established in prelim flow.
• Added: A new option to set EFIS/terrain stuff during 10k climb/descent flows.
• Fixed: Lights after gear down flow.
• Fixed: “Clear Rad Nav” command.
• Fixed: “Activate approach phase” command.
• Fixed: Simbrief integration.
• Fixed: Single engine taxi-out command.
• Added: New voice commands for departure/approach briefings.
• Fixed: FO flaps callout after commanding flaps up/1.
• Fixed: Approach briefing not saving field data after reopening.
• Fixed: Landing roll 70 knots callout.


Version 1.1.21
Release Date: 16 August 2022

• Fixed: After landing looping issue.
• Fixed: Approach checklist seatbelt issue.
• Fixed: Pitch trim and V2 fields added to departure brief.
• Fixed: FO should set pitch trim correctly.
• Fixed: Flap ‘check speed’ issue.


Version 1.1.15
Release Date: 15 August 2022

• Updated: Now works with MSFS SU 10 beta.
• Fixed: Simbrief XML error.
• Fixed: Decision height called without specifying it.
• Fixed: FO not controlling lights when the option is selected.
• Fixed: FO not setting TCAS.
• Fixed: Flaps 2/3/full not being set for some users.


Version 1.0.0
Release Date: 13 August 2022

• Public release.