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Version: 1.3.125
Date: 23 April 2024

• Improved: Install Checker Tool now scans for 3rd party addons that could break our animated FO.


Version: 1.3.101
Date: 24 March 2024

• Added: New in-game (VR) panel button to reset the animated FO back to the rest position.


Version: 1.3.88
Date: 09 March 2024

• Added: New button to “reset” the animated FO back to the rest position.
• Added: New option to disable the FO from tuning COM radios.
• Fixed: FO visible from external cameras (compatible with FBW stable version only for now!).
• Fixed: FS2Crew changes window size from full-screen to window mode when focusing on the MSFS window.
• Fixed: Unable to close FS2Crew “settings” (config) panel due to an error related to direct input.
• Improved: Animated FO gets stuck in checklist position during button control.
• Improved: COM frequency must be a valid aviation COM frequency before comm frequency change command accepted in voice control.


Version: 1.3.83
Date: 09 February 2024

• Added: New “Ctrl GSX with keys” option to allow controlling GSX menu using keystrokes or LVARs.
• Fixed: GSX menu not closing after option selection.
• Fixed: During preflight, after GSX boarding completes, the timer jumps to when the FA asks to close doors.
• Improved: Basic/advanced FO random actions logic to avoid having delays during critical phases of the flight.
• Improved: Animated FO “reset position” logic.
• Improved: “Kill/Stop all” button logic sometimes wasn’t working correctly.
• Updated: GSX integration voice commands updates:

“Request GSX pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, we are ready for pushback”

“Confirm we have a good engine start” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, good start confirmed, please disconnect”

“Stop here and complete the pushback” command replaced with “Cockpit to ground, stop here, please disconnect”


Version: 1.3.75
Date: 09 February 2024

• Fixed (hotfix): “Stop all” button not working.
• Fixed (hotfix): FO never returns from walk around.


Version: 1.3.67
Date: 07 February 2024

• Added: New FO seatbelts to allow the animated FO to fasten/release his/her seat belts.
• Added: New disable FA option to allow cargo flights without flight attendants.
• Added: New “FO basic rand act” and “FO adv rand act” options to enable/disable basic/advanced animated FO random actions during the flight.
• Added: GSX integration for all ground services during preflight and more. New voice commands:

Request boarding please
Request refueling please
Request catering please
We can start deboarding now
Connect the jetway please
Release the jetway please
Connect the stairs please
Release the stairs please
Toggle GSX menu please
Select GSX option (one..Eight)
Request GSX pushback
Engines running/off request deicing only one/two-step
Confirm we have a good engine start
Stop here and complete the pushback

• Added: New voice commands to pause/resume the pre-flight timer phase:

Pause pre-flight timer
Resume pre-flight timer

• Added: New voice command to trigger the “Stop all” icon to reset the animated FO back to “neutral” position when it becomes stuck or frozen. New voice command is:

Hey wake up dude

• Added: New “hot key on MSFS focus” option in settings to recognize your keyboard assignments when MSFS is in focus.
• Added: New key assignments to restart speech recognition and stop all operations.
• Fixed: APU fire test button delay.
• Fixed: Custom speech training tool error.
• Fixed: VATSIM/IVAO transponder logic.
• Improved: Core functionality to attempt to fix delays and frozen animated FO behavior.
• Improved: Key binding assignment system in settings panel.


Version: 1.2.25
Date: 02 December 2023

• Added: New “send RAAS data” option to transmit the current transition altitude/level directly to FS2Crew RAAS pro. This saves users the hassle of manually entering TA/TL data into RAAS.
• Added: New “detect parking pos.” option to allow the captain/PF (user) to use the parking brakes while taxiing to the gate (after landing) without triggering the pre-shutdown FO flow.
• Fixed: COM frequencies issue related to the third digit after decimal point “0.005”.
• Improved: “q-dsn-aicopilot-fbw-a320” folder is now created as a symbolic link in MSFS community directory to save HDD space.


Version: 1.1.98
Date: 11 November 2023

• Added: A button on the settings panel to open the log files location in Windows Explorer.
• Fixed: Training tool error message during the last training session.
• Added: Voice control users can now tune COM frequencies to a 3rd digit.
• Fixed: “Kill all” button confirmation message.
• Removed: Old “speech training” button from settings.
• Fixed: Even restarting FS2Crew program, the FO model doesn’t come back to the “rest” position.
• Updated: FO model WASM module.


Version: 1.1.90
Date: 28 October 2023

• Updated: FS2Crew command center.
• Fixed: Overlapping text due to Windows scaling on high-resolution screens.


Version: 1.1.68
Date: 26 August 2023

• Added: new female FO model option (blonde and redhead).
• Added: multiple new male models: Asian, Hispanic, Black.

• Added: new animation when the PM/FO does the walkaround (their seat will move forward and backward to simulate getting in/out of their seats.)
• Added: new tool to reset “user.Config” files across all FS2Crew products should a “configuration system failed to initialize” error appear.
• Improvement: FCU heading adjustment using a shorter turn.
• Improvement: increased speed in many animations and flows.
• Improvement: extended duration of APU fire test.
• Improvement: use SimConnect to read/write Lvars instead of the FS2Crew WASM module.
• Improvement: changes to the logging system to preserve previous errors/exceptions reports.
• Improvement: changes to the “pin” icon (always on top) to avoid “flickering” issue.
• Improvement: added a warning message to notify when the FS2Crew FBW animated FO expansion pack is running or not.
• Fixed: incorrect readback by PM/FO for minimums (DH/MDA/baro).
• Fixed: the PM/FO setting the pitch trim.
• Fixed: when FO/PM executes the parking flow, it switched on engine anti-ice and the brake fan.
• Fixed: during takeoff, nose light is switched from taxi to off (should be T/O).
• Fixed: the APU fire test must be only during the first flight of the day.
• Fixed: when selecting “autorespond” and it auto reverts back to “button control” mode.
• Fixed: background boarding music looping.
• Fixed: main/settings windows remain hidden when a screen is disconnected/offline.
• Fixed: FO is no longer pressing the TO config button before takeoff.
• Fixed: custom speech training tool can’t resume training.
• Fixed: “configuration system failed to initialize” error appears, and the program never starts.


Version: 1.0.20
Date: 29 July 2023

• Added: new button in settings panel to change the MSFS community directory location (intended for users using the “Addon Linker” program).
• Fixed: preliminary cockpit prep flow for turnaround flights.


Version: 1.0.0
Date: 28 July 2023

• Initial release.