How do I load the FS2Crew Command Center?

It’s available via the MSFS Toolbar as indicated below.


Is there a Log to help identify problems?


The Log is located in:
C:Users***your user name***DocumentsFS2Crew Command CenterLogs


I’m getting a WASM error message even though I think I have the latest version installed.


1. Exit MSFS and reload MSFS.  Reloading multiple successive flights can cause internal load problems in MSFS.  In this way, MSFS is a bit like FSX and P3D.  It’s best to start 3rd party addons as “cleanly” as possible, and that often means starting MSFS itself cleanly.

2. Manually delete the FS2Crew folders in your MSFS “Community” Folder.
Then re-install FS2Crew via the Product Manager.

3. Ensure that your aircraft matches the one supported by FS2Crew.  For example, do not try to use the FBW Airbus Version with the B777.

4. Do not use beta versions of MSFS Service Updates.


The Command Center fails and generates an “Exception”.  When I click on “View Details”, reference is made to:

System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The requested operation requires elevation”.


Ensure Microsoft Flight Simulator is run with Administrator rightsClick here to learn how.


When I try to launch a FS2Crew program via the Command Center, nothing happens:


1. Ensure that the FS2Crew Command Center is running.  You should see a Red Airplane Nose icon in your taskbar.

2. Ensure MSFS is run with Admin Rights!  Google “How do I run MSFS with admin rights” if you don’t know how.

3. Ensure you did not install FS2Crew while MSFS was running.  MSFS must be shutdown.

4. On the SETTINGS PANEL for your FS2Crew product, ensure HTTP SERVER is checked.  Do not uncheck this option.

After checking that and closing the setting panel, you will be prompted to give our internal server Admin rights on a new pop-up panel.

5. Ensure you did not manually move the associated FS2Crew program from the default install location (the C:Program Files x86 folder) to another location or drive.

FS2Crew must remain in the Program Files x86 folder in C drive to ensure expected file paths are not broken.

6. Ensure your firewall and security programs are not blocking access to the FS2Crew Command Center and associated FS2Crew programs, as well as the Community Folder for MSFS.

The FS2Crew main program (which runs outside of MSFS as an external EXE) communicates with the MSFS Tool Bar/Command Center via our internal web server.

Your firewall or security programs could be blocking access.

7. Manually delete the FS2Crew folders in your MSFS “Community Folder”.  Then re-install FS2Crew via the Product Manager.


The FS2Crew Command Center does not auto start when MSFS loads.  I do not see the FS2Crew Command Center (red airplane nose icon) in the toolbar and I cannot view content in the Tool Bar window related to my product.


1. This is a common problem associated with corrupted EXE.xml files.

On 30 April 2022, a new option was added to each MSFS FS2Crew that allows the Command Center to auto launch when Windows loads.  This option was created to bypass the need to depend on the EXE.xml file to auto launch the Command Center.

Steps to have the Command Center auto launch when Windows loads:

A) Ensure MSFS is running.

B) Launch the associated FS2Crew program either by its desktop icon or by its exe file located in PROGRAM FILES X86 – [FS2CREW PROGRAM NAME]

C) Go to the SETTINGS PANEL in your FS2Crew program.  

D) Check the Auto Launch on Windows start up option.  Note that you only need to this for at least one FS2Crew product, not all of them.

E) Restart Windows.

F) The Command Center should now auto start when Windows launches, and the EXE.xml is effectively no longer used to make the Command Center load!

2. Some anti-virus programs are over sensitive and aggressive and may blocking the FS2Crew installers from writing to the Community folder.  Check that you have have no security programs running that may block access.

3. Your EXE.xml may be corrupt.  The EXE.xml allows 3rd party programs to autostart.  The EXE.xml is a very sensitive file.  Any invalid characters on it will cause it to fail, resulting in the Command Center not auto-loading when MSFS starts.


1. Locate your EXE.xml.  You may need to do a file search if you cannot find it.
2. Check the contents of your EXE.xml using Notepad.  Check if anything is obviously wrong.
3. Make a back up copy of your EXE.xml.
4. Delete your EXE xml.
5. Reinstall FS2Crew.  FS2Crew will regenerate a fresh copy of your EXE.xml.
6. Restart your computer.
8. Load MSFS and try again.
9. If the Command Center loads, you know the problem was a corruption on your EXE.xml.  (The Command Center should load when MSFS loads.  You should see a red airplane nose icon in your taskbar).
10. Re-add any other programs that were on your EXE.xml, but do so very carefully so you do not corrupt the EXE.xml.

I tried all steps above and it still does not work.

1. Uninstall your FS2Crew products.
2. Manually delete any FS2Crew folders in your MSFS Community Folder.
3. Re-install your FS2Crew products via the Product Manager and confirm you have the latest version as indicated on the Product Manager.
4. Triple check you are running MSFS itself with Admin rights!
5. The FS2Crew programs are located in Program Files X86.  Ensure the FS2Crew product EXE’s including the FS2Crew Command Center EXE is run with Admin rights.