How do I load the FS2Crew Command Center?

It’s available via the MSFS Toolbar as indicated below.

Is there a Log to help identify problems?


The Log is located in:
C:Users***your user name***DocumentsFS2Crew Command CenterLogs

The Command Center fails and generates an “Exception”.  When I click on “View Details”, reference is made to:

System.ComponentModel.Win32Exception (0x80004005): The requested operation requires elevation”.

Ensure Microsoft Flight Simulator is run with Administrator rightsClick here to learn how.

When I try to launch a FS2Crew program via the Command Center, nothing happens:

1. Ensure you have the associated FS2Crew product installed.

2. Ensure you did not manually move the associated FS2Crew program from the default install location (the Program Files x86 folder) to another location. 

FS2Crew must remain in the Program Files x86 folder to ensure expected file paths are not broken.

3. Ensure Microsoft Flight Simulator is run with Administrator rights.  

The FS2Crew Command Center does not autostart when MSFS loads.  I do not see the FS2Crew Command Center (red airplane nose icon) in the toolbar.

1. Ensure Microsoft Flight Simulator is run with Administrator rights.  

2. Your EXE.xml may be corrupt.  The EXE.xml allows 3rd party programs to autostart.  The EXE.xml is a very sensitive file.  Any invalid characters on it will cause it to fail, resulting in the Command Center not auto-loading when MSFS starts.


1. Locate your EXE.xml.  You may need to do a file search if you cannot find it.
2. Check the contents of your EXE.xml using Notepad.  Check if anything is obviously wrong.
3. Make a back up copy of your EXE.xml.
4. Delete your EXE xml.
5. Reinstall FS2Crew.  FS2Crew will regenerate a fresh copy of your EXE.xml.
6. Restart your computer.
8. Load MSFS and try again.
9. If the Command Center loads, you know the problem was a corruption on your EXE.xml.  (The Command Center should load when MSFS loads.  You should see a red airplane nose icon in your taskbar).
10. Re-add any other programs that were on your EXE.xml, but do so very carefully so you do not corrupt the EXE.xml.

I tried all steps above and it still does not work.

You may be running an outdated version of the Command Center and WASM.



2. Manually delete the two FS2Crew folders you see:




3. Reinstall FS2Crew (FBW V1.0 or later or Pushback Express V2.2 or later).

4. Check that the two folders mentioned above were re-created.

5. Restart your computer, load MSFS and try again.

6. Ensure that you are running WASM version 1.0 or later.  FS2Crew’s WASM module is used to read data out of the aircraft and the simulation.  The WASM version number is viewable via the FS2Crew in game panels. 

For our Flight Crew programs, check the ABOUT page in the INFO CENTER.  For Pushback Express, check the CFG panel.

7. If exiting from the cockpit to open the MSFS menu, ensure you close the FS2Crew panel first, otherwise WASM may fail when you return to the aircraft.